Our Leadership

Hernandez Construction operates with professionalism, flexibility and integrity – in part because our leadership team practices these values every day. Meet the professionals who guide our business.

Scott Hernandez, President and CEO

Scott Hernandez

From the first time President and CEO Scott Hernandez strapped on a tool belt, he knew his happiness lay in blending his love of design and architecture with the construction tools and techniques that would give form to his ideas. In 2005, Scott struck that balance when he founded Hernandez Construction, a goal that had motivated him over a career in construction and contracting that now spans 20+ years. To ensure success, Scott identified an industry need and filled it, focusing his company on renovating multi-unit occupied housing – a challenge akin to rebuilding the engine of an aircraft in flight. Undeterred by the difficulty, Scott mastered the “art of the turn,” developing a logistics process for completing jobs on budget and in record time.

Under Scott’s direction and propelled by his passion, Hernandez Construction has grown from a regional firm to a full-service general contractor serving some of the largest private investment firms in the country. Leading with trust and transparency, Scott still fosters relationships with our original clients and is always on the lookout for expansion opportunities to better serve our growing customer base.

To honor the many mentors who helped him in his career, Scott established the Hernandez Family Fund at Akron Community Foundation to provide underprivileged children and adults with opportunities for success.


Dave Hernandez, Vice President

Dave Hernandez

The brother of President and CEO Scott Hernandez, Vice President Dave Hernandez has been with us since our inception. He has proven expertise in managing high-profile projects requiring diplomacy, sensitivity to scheduling and comprehensive knowledge of the construction process. Dave leads and directs multi-family renovation projects from concept to completion, collaborating with cross-functional teams to draft project schedules and plans. His skills in budgeting and forecasting make him a trusted resource for answering customers' primary questions: How much will it cost and how long will it take? A hands-on executive, Dave prides himself on being readily accessible to customers and the Hernandez team during all phases of each and every project. 

David has more than 20 years of experience in all facets of the construction industry, including responsibilities as a regional manager of a national real estate investment trust company. His strengths in building long-term business relationships, a skill he demonstrated as former director of maintenance for Associated Estates, keeps customers coming back to Hernandez Construction.


Justin Guseman, Vice President of Construction

Justin Guseman

Vice President of Construction Justin Guseman joined our team with 20+ years of experience in construction and finance. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge to his position that enables him to ensure accuracy in terms of both cost and completion date for every project. A high-energy, focused leader, Justin thrives on challenge, an attribute that makes him singularly suited to apply his talents in a company that celebrates new and better ways of doing business.

Justin’s background encompasses commercial and residential projects. He has experience sourcing contractors, subcontractors and suppliers; establishing pricing structures; and operating heavy equipment. His familiarity with all these areas brings precision to his understanding of our clients and their needs.


Jeff Capezzuto, Vice President of Development

Jeff Capezzuto

As vice president of development, Jeff Capezzuto oversees all aspects of project design and development. From minor alterations to whole building upgrades, Jeff always keeps his eye on the end goal – the complete satisfaction of the customer. He also manages the company's information technology function, putting the latest tools of the trade into service for customers. With AutoCAD®, On-Screen Takeoff® and other software solutions, Jeff enables us to ease collaboration among design and construction professionals, facilitate design changes, increase the accuracy of estimates and speed the time between the concept and completion of each project.

A key asset for Hernandez Construction, Jeff holds a B.A. in architecture from Kent State University. He applies this expertise to the exterior and interior renovation of multi-unit buildings.


Jim Hernandez, Senior Project Manager


Jim Hernandez is in perpetual motion. That’s what happens when you’re the senior project manager at a busy construction company with as many as 12 projects running concurrently. Jim oversees all project managers on unit renovation work across 11 states. He is masterful in orchestrating major improvements with minimum disruption to tenants. Whether Jim is coordinating the renovation of a single unit or of 1,200 units in a single building, he enjoys the full support of the Hernandez team and the freedom to make the best decisions for the client.

A 10-year veteran of Hernandez Construction, Jim came to work at his brother's company with experience in bar and restaurant management. His skills in customer service serve him well in a construction company that specializes in renovating occupied properties.


Theresa Ferguson, CPA, Corporate Controller

Theresa Ferguson

Corporate Controller Theresa Ferguson resolves complex financial and business issues with the mental agility of a seasoned professional. She responds quickly and competently to the needs of clients, bankers, accountants and auditors, in addition to overseeing all of our internal financial aspects. Theresa thrives on the dynamic and motivating environment at Hernandez Construction.

Graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in accounting from The University of Akron, Theresa joined Hernandez Construction in 2011. Prior to that she ran her own accounting and bookkeeping business for several small construction firms, was a financial accounting supervisor at Davey Tree, worked as an auditor and a tax accountant in the public accounting sector, and served as the school board treasurer for Summit Christian School.

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