Scott Hernandez

President and CEO

From the first time President and CEO Scott Hernandez strapped on a tool belt, he knew his happiness lay in blending his love of design and architecture with the construction tools and techniques that would give form to his ideas. In 2005, Scott struck that balance when he founded Hernandez Building Corporation, a goal that had motivated him over a career in construction and contracting that now spans 20+ years. To ensure success, Scott identified an industry need and filled it, focusing his company on renovating multi-unit occupied housing – a challenge akin to rebuilding the engine of an aircraft in flight. Undeterred by the difficulty, Scott mastered the “art of the turn,” developing a logistics process for completing jobs on budget and in record time.

Under Scott’s direction and propelled by his passion, Hernandez Building Corporation has grown from a regional firm to a full-service general contractor serving some of the largest private investment firms in the country. Leading with trust and transparency, Scott still fosters relationships with our original clients and is always on the lookout for expansion opportunities to better serve our growing customer base.

To honor the many mentors who helped him in his career, Scott established the Hernandez Family Fund at Akron Community Foundation to provide underprivileged children and adults with opportunities for success.